EIPBN BEAMeeting 2022

Now we are very pleased to announce the the traditional EIPBN BEAMeetings will be held on Tuesday, 31st of May, 2022.

BEAMeetings are a technical exchange platform for the e-Beam and laser lithography direct write community focused on, data-preparation, PEC, process correction, and lithography simulation. The global GenISys team will contribute with updates on new features and interesting cases. User presentations on applications, solutions for specific issues are also welcome and are planned for in the program. Please let us know (marketing@genisys-gmbh.com) if you would like to present a particular subject which would be of interest to the Beamer/LAB/ProSEM community.



The BEAMeeting is free of charge. Lunch and coffee/drinks are included.

We will be very pleased to receive your requests and suggestions to make the BEAMeeting the most interesting and rewarding event for the BEAMER community. You are also welcome to forward this information to your colleagues who may be interested to join.

Please visit our booth #24 on the exhibition floor, Napoleon Ballrooms C & D from Tues-Thurs.

More webinars will follow, so please follow us on LinkedIn.

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