ProSEM Webinar - Automated SEM Measurements for Process Calibration

Webinar Time: 03-Jun-2020, 15:00 – 16:00 CET

Webinar Summary:

The TRACER Process Calibration procedure requires a number of CD measurements to determine the output parameters of Process Blur, Optimal Base Dose, Bias, and Density-dependent Bias. Measurement can be challenging because the exposures need to span the range of pattern densities from isolated to fully-surrounded, as well as span doses from the very underexposed to overexposed.

In this webinar, we’ll quickly cover the basics of measurement & recipe setup, batch operation, and export for TRACER calibration. Then we’ll look at advanced and developing capabilities that are useful for Process Calibration, including measurement status and review, script abilities such as plotting and applying multiple recipes in the same project. Finally, we’ll look at data comparing SEM sampling rates, showing how ProSEM can help reduce your time at the SEM even more.

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