Webinar - Series - Proximity Effect in E-Beam Lithography

The webinar series “Proximity Effect in E-Beam Lithography” which we organized in May / June this year received a great deal of interest and positive feedback from the market place. We have been asked especially by US users to repeat it at a more suitable time for the US.

With the summer vacation period now over we are planning to start these USA webinars on October 7th with the first session. Again, there will be seven one-hour sessions on Wednesdays. The starting time will be 6pm CEST time, which translates to 12:00pm US-EDT, 9:00am US-PDT. The content of the webinars will be similar to the last set presented but with some fine-tuning based on customer feedback.

Upon request, we will issue a GenISys Certificate of Participation after completion of the webinar series.

Please see details attached and register under: marketing@genisys-gmbh.com. Please state your Name/Organization/Location/Function.

Part Subject Date
1 Electron Scattering and Proximity Effect 07-Oct-2020, 6:00pm CEST, 12:00pm EDT, 9:00am PDT
2 Dose PEC Algorithm and Parameter 14-Oct-2020, 6:00pm CEST, 12:00pm EDT, 9:00am PDT
3 Optimization of Dose PEC Parameter 21-Oct-2020, 6:00pm CEST, 12:00pm EDT, 9:00am PDT
4 Process Effect, Calibration and Correction 28-Oct-2020, 5:00pm CET, 12:00pm EDT, 9:00am PDT
5 Shape PEC – “ODUS” Contrast Enhancement 04-Nov-2020, 6:00pm CET, 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST
6 3D Surface PEC for greyscale lithography 18-Nov-2020, 6:00pm CET, 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST
7 T-Gate PEC 02-Dec-2020, 6:00pm CET, 12:00pm EST, 9:00am PST

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