GenISys joins RSBG Group

GenISys is pleased to announce the execution of an agreement under which RAG-Stiftung Investment Company (RSBG) acquires the majority shares of GenISys GmbH.

The GenISys founders and management team decided to include a strong institutional investor to assure long term stability and continuity as an independent lithography software supplier for our partners and customers, and to support sustained growth into new market segments. For GenISys, the agreement with RAG-Stiftung Investment Company is a compelling strategy that will benefit the company, its existing as well as potential customers, its partners, and its employees. Upon this agreement, GenISys will be ideally positioned to compete in the fields of mask-less lithography, mask making, and inspection that were inaccessible before for a privately held small company.

Both parties have outlined that current management and the existing team of GenISys will continue to lead the company. As such, the current GenISys business strategy and plan will be continued.

About RSBG

RSBG SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RAG-Stiftung, primarily invests in companies whose products and services are playing a significant role in global changes in the areas of demographic development, climate change and new technologies. The business development of these companies is thus less strongly impacted by the possible consequences of economic and political crises. Against the background of current trends in global markets, in the future RSBG SE together with its partner companies from the SME sector will focus more strongly than in the past on special expertise in the areas of digitalization, Industry 4.0, cloud computing, cybersecurity and big data management.

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