Introduction of MASKER MDP & MPC Software for Mask Production

Mask data-preparation (MDP) software is used in mask manufacturing to process the layout data from the IC manufacturer to generate the data for exposure, processing and inspection of photo-masks. The established MDP software packages have been developed and optimized for CMOS IC manufacturing. The MDP software vendor focus on enhancing their solution for high-end masks,. The  mask production for non-IC application have challenges which are not sufficiently addressed. Those masks are typically produced with laser or lower end e-beam exposure tools, where the quality specs need to be improved by process correction.

GenISys is entering the mask production market by launching MASKER, a mask data-preparation (MDP) and mask process correction (MPC) solution for highest productivity and quality especially in the application areas flat panel displays, photonics, IoT and special devices. MASKER is incorporating proven BEAMER technologies such as advanced fracturing for non-Manhattan / curved layouts, hierarchical processing for minimizing data volume and process correction for improving mask quality. The resolution, CD uniformity & linearity for laser and e-beam mask writer systems is improved through a comprehensive Rule and Model Based MPC to correct for tool and process effects

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