Introduction of ProSEM Software for Metrology

GenISys is complementing it's lithography software suite with ProSEM for SEM metrology software. Optimization of nanofabrication processes requires the capability of reliable measurements. Automated CD-SEM equipment used in IC manufacturing is expensive and not flexible. Most Nano-fabrication center are working with analytical SEMs for analyzing their lithography and patterning results. Measurements are usually performed just by manual placement of cursors on the SEM image, which is time-consuming, subjective, and has poor repeatability.

ProSEM makes automated feature size (CD) measurements from saved SEM image files, with a user interface designed for simplicity and productivity. Powered by accurate measurement algorithms, ProSEM prrovides fast, reliable, repeatable measurements, for process optimization, monitoring and day-today tasks.

GenISys is entering the market of metrology and inspection with the introduction of end-user software ProSEM.  The development of physics based SEM simulation technology, including low energy electron scattering and charging in virtualSEM followed in parallel with research groups, SEM equipment vendor and pilot partner. The aim is to develop new solution for "computational" SEM inspection and metrology.

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