Jul 22 2013
Progress and issues in e-beam and other top down nanolithography
Nezih Unal, Diana Mahlu, Olga Raslin, Daniel Ritter, Christoph Sambale, Ulrich Hofmann
International Conference on Micro and Nono Engineering (MNE) 2009

Nov 21 2011
Modeling and Correction of process effects in (2D / 3D) e-Beam Lithography
U. Hofmann, N. Unal
Beams&More Conference, Stuttgart, 2011

Oct 22 2011
Selective profile transformation of electron-beam exposed multilevel resist structures based on a molecular weight dependent thermal reflow
A. Schleunitz, V.A. Guzenko, A. Schander, M. Vogler and H. Schift
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B29(6) (2011) 06F302; DOI: 10. 1016/j.mee.2010.12.046 (4pp)

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Jan 21 2013
3D Topography Mask Aligner Lithography Simulation
Ulrich Hofmann, Nezih Ünal, GenISys GmbH, Germany
Ralph Zoberbier, SUSS MicroTec Lithography, Germany
Ton Nellissen, Philips Research, Netherlands

Published in "SUSS Report 01/2013"

Jan 21 2012
Simulation for Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography
Ulrich Hofmann, Daniel Ritter, Balint Meliorisz, Nezih Ünal, GenISys GmbH
Michael Hornung, Ralph Zoberbier, SUSS MicroTec Lithography
Published in "SUSS Report 01/2012"

Jan 21 2012
Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography (AMALITH)
Reinhard Völkl, Uwe Vogler, Arianna Bramati, Tina Weichelt, SUSS MicroOptics SA, Neuchatel
Ulrich Hofmann, Nezih Ünal, GenISys GmbH, Germany
Published in "SUSS Report 01/2012"

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