Fabrication of 3-D nanoimprint stamps with continuous reliefs using dose-modulated electron beam lithography and thermal reflow

A. Schleunitz and H. Schift
J. Micromech. Microeng. 20 (2010) 095002; DOI:10. 1088/0960-1317/20/9/095002



3D electron beam lithography and thermal reflow were combined to fabricate structures with multilevel and continuous profiles. New shapes, smooth surfaces and sharp corners were achieved. By using exposure with variable doses, up to 20 steps were fabricated in a 500 nm thick resist with a lateral resolution of 200 nm. Steps were reflowed into continuous slopes by thermal post-processing, and were transferred into silicon substrates by proportional plasma etching. The method can be used for the fabrication of 3D nanoimprint stamps with both sharp features and continuous profiles.