Progress and issues in e-beam and other top down nanolithography

Nezih Unal, Diana Mahlu, Olga Raslin, Daniel Ritter, Christoph Sambale, Ulrich Hofmann
International Conference on Micro and Nono Engineering (MNE) 2009


In this 60th anniversary year of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), this paper is one in a series of topical reviews of science and technology represented by the various AVS Divisions. The focus of the paper is on trends, frontier advancement, and issues remaining in nanolithography. The manuscript highlights, in particular, the progress made in electron beam lithography system development, advancement in materials and methods used to pattern down to a few nanometers, and the prospects for multiple beam systems as high throughput alternatives. Also discussed are the underlying rationales for observed trends in lithography tool development. Invariably the discussion about emerging lithography solutions bifurcates depending on whether one is examining the roadmap for the silicon integrated circuit industry or everything else. The emphasis here is mostly on everything else but also explores the boundary.



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