Third Dimension of Proximity Effect Correction (PEC)

A. Schleunitz and H. Schift
J. Micromech. Microeng. 20 (2010) 095002; DOI:10. 1088/0960-1317/20/9/095002



New nano applications, like T-gates, bridges, mirror arrays, blazed gratings, 3D zone plates, 3D holograms and MEMS devices require highly accurate 3D patterning of resist.

De facto, Electron-beam (EB) lithography is a process for high resolution patterning in lateral dimensions. The aforementioned 3D applications, imply accurate control of resist thickness, after development, thus critically depending on proximity effect corrections (PEC) in the third dimension. We show a feasibility test for a new 3D PEC approach, using Layout BEAMER e-beam lithography software.

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